Tulo ka Siday

Melanie Bingco

Utro nga Pag-interbyu han Waray Hilista

“A vicious cycle of unequal investment in human capital and a lack of quality in job opportunities have trapped generations of households in poverty.”

-World Bank PEU report, 2018

It’ akon ngaran hi Julie.
Trabaho? Tanod, goldsmith, parag-upay hin appliances,
paraghilot, parag-uma, paragluto.
Unom it’ ak’ kabataan.
Waray bastante nga kita.

It’ ak asawa? It’ iya ngaran Lanie.
Paragtinda hin bugas, bulad, ngan utanon,
Paraghilot, paragsagdon kan Ninang,
Pastora hit’ amon gutiay nga singbahan.
Waray bastante nga kita.

Pareho kami waray pakahuman hin high school.
Diri kami bulig hit 4Ps.

Ata, kay kun ha paningkamot la
Kun ha pag-ampo la
Kun ha kamaduruto la
Kun ha gugma la

Diri gad kami kablas.


Another Interview with the Unlisted

My name is Julie.
Occupation? Tanod, goldsmith, I fix appliances,
Reflexologist, farmer, cook
I’m a father of six children.
No fixed income.

My wife? She is Lanie.
She sells rice, dried fish, and vegetables.
She can be a masseur and advisor to Ninang.
She has too much debt.
She’s a preacher in our little church.
No fixed income.

We’re both high school undergraduates.
We’re not included in the 4Ps.

Well, if you consider our perseverance
Our prayers
Our hardwork
Our love

We’re not poor.



Pagkagikan han iya kapadihan, deretso bukad han dipang
ha ak’ li-og inabat ko an kataisan
han iya pulong, “Ano, papatayon ‘ta hi iyo nanay?”
Nanguraw an kabataan ha piliw, “ayaw gad, tatay. Ayaw.”
Waray la ak yakan-yakan. Hasta iginsuka niya an mga sungayan ha ak’ kahimo
dungan han pagkalupad han iya kinaunan
ha ak’ agtang. Gintirok ko an bahaw, an paksiw, an kape,
an iya singsing, ngan an mga buong
ha ak’ palad. Ginpigri ko hiya hasta han karumok.


When his friends left, he immediately took out the dagger
In my neck I felt the sharp pointed tip
Of his words, “Do you want us to kill your mother?”
The children, cramped in a corner, cried, “don’t do it, Tatay.”
I didn’t speak a word. Until he puked all evils into my face
As the dinner wares flew around
And hit my forehead. I gathered the left-over rice, the paksiw, the coffee,
His ring, and the splinters
In my palms. I squeezed him until he was pulverized.


An Babaye ngan an Bulan

May ada kuno hadto babaye, halaba an buhok,
nagurhong. Basta ngani kadayaw,
nagtitinukod han bulan. Asya gindudahan nga malupad.

Ata, ano daw la ano, kay babaye ma’ dama ak,
halaba it’ buhok, nagurhong, basta bulanon
nagtitinukod hit bulan: ano daw la tak gahom?


The Woman and the Moon

There was once a woman, she had long hair,
Tousled. Whenever it was full moon,
She keeps staring at the moon. They thought she was a witch.

Ata, I keep wondering, for I am a woman, too
With long unkempt hair, whenever the moon is full
I am bewitched: how powerful am I?

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